Every Individual Involved In Clinical Research Is A Partner


The only purpose of clinical research is to find new drugs and devices to help improve the health of every citizen of the country, and even the world. Now, you may think how thoughtful it is for those clinical researchers to put out all their efforts and time into bringing up a medicine or medical device to help their countrymates. True it is that such professionals, after receiving the best clinical research training in Bangalore or any other such big city, put in years of efforts to come up with such effective yet safe innovations to help the mass. But, have you thought about the individuals on the other side – those who risk their lives to get the clinical trials experimented on them? Yes, we speak here about those candidates who register themselves for such clinical trials to be performed on their bodies. While some may be patients themselves looking for an effective treatment, there are others who aren’t ill, but just want to help! Looking at both the sides, we can clearly say that not one, but people on both sides of the trials are superheroes in their own ways! One side has those people who put in years of efforts and practice to bring up an innovation, while the other side has those who risk their lives to help try out the innovations.

Professor Gagandeep Kang at the 14th International Conference

This is the reason why Professor Gagandeep Kang, Executive Director at the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, has said, “Everyone who participates in clinical trials is a partner, and should be deemed as champions of the cause, and hence it is the responsibility of us professionals to serve these people to the best of our ability. Without their trust, the advancement of both clinical science and medical practice would falter.” Being a professor, she has addressed the goodness of those candidates participating in the trials. She said this at the inaugural session of the 14th International Conference on Public Policy and Management, organized by the Centre for Public Policy at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, which was held from August 22 to 24, 2019.

The current standards of clinical trials

Professor Kang further said that clinical trials need to be carried out very responsibly and ethically, based on the relationship of trust with the participants, where total understanding is given, and the findings are shared with the communities. She confirmed that there are regulatory bodies to raise the standard of clinical research and curb unethical practices, but yet even though there are very good basic biology institutes, investment is still not up to the level that it should be. She also said that the factors that have worked so far in the domain include identification of needs in public health research, partners who provided appropriate training, targeted and monitored mentoring, commitment to the communities that professionals work in, commitment to quality, building multidisciplinary research groups of young faculty, availability of academic positions and funding, and working in collaboration with the government and like-minded institutions. But, more investment is definitely needed. There is also a lack of value systems, sclerotic bureaucracy, hierarchy, restrictive policies, and institutional support, which have proven to be some of the challenges of clinical research. She also added, “Going forward, we need to focus on setting priorities, looking at evaluating effectiveness, access, and healthcare management. As academicians, we need to help the Government in setting priorities, carry research, translate results into practice in India, and extend and reinforce research and training. High quality clinical research is being and can be done in India. Policies can be changed with planning and evidence accumulation”.

Going forward with the flow and success of clinical research in India, you can also join in on either side – a researcher or a candidate. To become a researcher, you need the best clinical research training in Bangalore from a reputed institute like Avigna Clinical Research Institute; while, to become a candidate, you can register online.

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