Clinical Research Virtual Classroom Training in Bangalore

We give Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research. Certificate & Placement Guaranteed.


ACRI offers its students a whole new range of learning opportunities using the latest technologies available in the market today in its clinical research virtual classroom training in Bangalore.

The new Virtual Learning concept was introduced in January 2015 and ACRI has completed training 6 batches of students using this technology, making us the most reliable and experienced clinical research virtual learning center Bangalore.

Preparing for an online class:

For private class:
A laptop with internet connection (minimum 2 mbps) is required. For better voice clarity, a headset and speaker is recommended

For another classroom:
For institutes wishing to join our classes, you need to purchase an interactive whiteboard and other accessories like a microphone, speakers and LED to view other classrooms.A dedicated internet connection of 2 mbps and above is recommended.

Easy registration process

As soon as the student registers with ACRI, one of the top clinical research institutes in Bangalore, by paying the fees, we will send you a link to your laptop which you may download. The whole process takes 5-10 minutes.

Be part of a classroom:

The entire concept behind virtual classrooms is that the student gets a learning experience as being a part of an on-going class. The students get to see and share documents/slides/videos with his/her classmates and teacher. The student can see, chat and interact with other students.The classroom is set up in another city or area and the student takes his/her class during class hours, from his/ her laptop from another place (home as well).The student can also get recordings of previous classes and send in assignments and be evaluated by the teachers.

The learning experience

Students can view presentations and follow the teacher just like in a regular classroom set-up. Students can participate in all class activities like group discussions and be part of a guest lecture. Students can also share their own videos/documents/presentations and materials with the rest of the class and get immediate feedback. Students can form groups with others from another city or town and work on projects together.

Advantages of Virtual Learning

The main advantage of a virtual classroom PG Diploma Clinical Research in Bangalore is that the student never misses a learning opportunity due to distance and domestic/professional constraints. Working professionals can join weekend classes and people who are unable to travel to class due to distance /transport or domestic issues can stay home and dedicate a few hours to being part of an institute and interact with others in the same area of study.

Virtual Learning gives the student the flexibility to prepare and participate in all classroom activities without ever feeling left out.

If the student’s city or town does not offer ACRI courses, the student can take up this learning opportunity individually. If an Institute or private entrepreneur wants to partner with ACRI  they organize a classroom and provide these courses to students in their town or city. In any case, anywhere in the country, this expert clinical research virtual learning center Bangalore can offer students its curriculums and courses.

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