Clinical Research Courses Online in Bangalore

We give Certification in Clinical Research. Enquire with us regarding placement in your areas.

Online clinical research courses in Bangalore are great for self-motivated individuals who want to learn new skills and advance their careers without dropping their commitment to their job and/or family. Getting education online with ACRI’s clinical research online training in Bangalore will also save you tons of money since you’ll avoid having to pony up even a fraction of the money required on average for a traditional education.

Although some would argue that online education is only an awesome alternative to traditional education because of the savings and convenience, there are actually many other advantages. ACRI’s online clinical research courses in Bangalore fully integrate themselves into today’s educational technology. Taking up such a course is also more efficient for fast and especially motivated learners. It offers skills that lack resources in traditional education despite high demand from employers. One could even claim that it isn’t an alternative at all but rather a different path with its own rewards.

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This how-to-guide will provide steps on accessing assessments and how to view results.

Access Assessments

The Assessments will be located within a content area labeled Assessments, which is accessed from the course menu.

Step 1.  From the Course Menu locate and click the Assessments link.

Step 2. The Assessments content area page will display

Step 3. Click on the Title of the Assessment you want to take.

Step 4. Click Begin to view assessment questions and begin taking the exam.

Assessment Instructions

The student will be give three attempts to take the exam.

  • Timed Test: The test will have a time limit of up to 30 minutes @ 1 minute/question.
  • Multiple Attempts: A test can be taken three times.
  • Timer Setting: This test can be saved and submitted when time expires.
  • Students must complete the assessment and submit it. Students may not exit the assessment and continue working on it at a later date.

Access assessment results

Test results include a Score. Upon submitting an assessment, you are given the option to view the grade.

Course extensions

In some cases in which unforeseen events prevent a student from completing a course during the prescribed time period, ACRI can extend the session for an extra time period. To do so, a request for an extension must be sent to the Program Administrator at before the session is scheduled to end. Extensions cannot be granted after the end date of the course session.

Free trial version

Register with ACRI and receive free access to the Sample Online Course. Free trial version of ACRI’s online training module can be availed right from our website ( The access will be valid for the next 48 hours from the time you register. It is completely FREE of cost. Use this FREE TRIAL opportunity to:

  • View samples of specific course content; see if it suits your needs.
  • Navigate through the presentation slides.
  • Test the ACRI learning experience before committing to enrollment.
  • Easily upgrade to an enrollment to gain full access to the online course.

Interested candidates can pursue their aided self-learning program in Clinical Research by registering for the online course. The duration of this online course would be three months. During this period, the course will cover the three core topics namely Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management and Pharmacovigilance. Each module is framed with a set of chapters and assessments. After completing all the five assessments successfully within the stipulated time frame, the candidate will be awarded with a CERTIFICATION IN CLINICAL RESEARCH.