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Clinical Research is an upcoming and fast-growing field of research that deals with organizing the trial of new drugs,  to establish the safety and efficacy of the drugs on human beings. However, its reach is not just limited to drugs, but  also to  the testing of new medications, medical devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens, before they are introduced in the market to prevent, treat, diagnose or relieve the symptoms of various human diseases.

Since Clinical Research is a field of medical science that works in tandem with  the pharmaceutical industry, thus, it is growing exponentially in the last few years to keep pace with the career opportunities in medical, pharma and other inter-related fields. In India's metro cities itself, there are over 360  big and small CROs.

ACRI - A shining star in the field of Clinical Research

Avigna Clinical Research Institute (ACRI), situated in the peaceful outskirts of  Bangalore, is not only one of the most premier Clinical Research institutes of India, it is also one of the  most innovative institutes, dedicated to providing excellent Clinical Research Professionals to its field. Numerous students and professionals from & Allied Health Science/Life Science streams have benefited from  our robust curriculum, coupled with training in soft skills and internships in leading Clinical Research Organizations.


Following are some of our unique features, that distinguish us from the other Clinical Research Institutes in India:


Market Leaders in Innovation

We are clearly the market leaders in terms of our self-designed, up-to-date industry-integrated curriculum, as well as the technical and soft skills we impart our students, while making them adept at the use of modern technology.

Best Placement Record in the Industry

Our commitment to our students does not just end with providing them the best skills and training possible, but also to helping them start their career with the best names in the industry. No wonder, we have the best placement record for Clinical Research professionals and our previous batch students are placed with top CROs, Pharmaceuticals  and Bio-tech companies.

The ACRI Culture of Growth

At ACRI, we have established a culture of constant growth, innovation and enterprise in a professional environment  aided by the presence of supportive staff and state-of-the-art facilities.



Market leaders in Clinical Research training industry

Comprehensive Industry Integrated Course

Curriculum validated by Industry experts

Guaranteed Internship with leading CROs

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