PG Diploma in Medical Writing

PG Diploma in Medical Writing :

Medical Writing is the latest niche CRO service to be a focus in India. Medical Writing is about presenting Clinical and scientific information in a variety of formats for communicating medical information to different audiences. An increasing number of new drugs are going through the intricate process of clinical trials that in turn has given rise to an increase in the demand for the submission of documents to regulatory authorities .The number of publications based on clinical trial data and the number of biomedical journals has increased significantly during the past decade. This has increased the demand for Medical writers who can write standards-compliant documents.

Medical writers require knowledge of therapeutic areas, the drug development process, pharmacology, drug safety, statistics and regulatory guidelines. Medical writing required for non-regulatory purposes; that is, information published in public domain includes publication writing, medical communication, promotional medical education and continuing medical education. The Indian Medical writing market has been steadily growing and the current circumstances clearly indicate that this trend will continue.

If you are a science graduate and looking forward to work in Pharmaceutical Companies, Education Sector, CROs, MNCs and eager to work as a Freelancer after gaining relevant exposure of handling and preparing clinical research documents and scientific Publications/Journals, then this course is best suited for you.


Job Prospects


Regulatory Writer (Regulatory documents)

  • Clinical Trial Reports (CTR)/ CSR
  • New Drug Applications (NDA)
  • Investigational New Drug Application (IND)
  • Protocol and its Amendments
  • CTD
  • IB
  • ICF

Scientific Writers

  • Journal articles
  • Original research
  • Review articles
  • Editorials, case reports, etc.
  • Abstracts
  • Publication in journals
  • Submission to medical meetings
  • Posters

Presentation at medical meetings

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