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Future of Clinical Research in India

With the young, employable population of India, growing at an amazing pace and all set to grow, its no wonder that the Education and Training sectors of India are one of the most profitable in-demand industries today.

A report by IDFC details how our education-hungry Indian youth spend $13 billion annually on higher education abroad. Also, a study by CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets shows that the current market for India's education and training sector stands at a staggering US $40 billion, with a 16% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) predicted for the next 5 years!

And the best part is, that the major share of this growth will be fuelled by job-oriented courses like IT courses, Multimedia and Animation, and the latest being courses in Clinical Research.

Since ACRI is one of the pioneering institutes in the field of Clinical Research, it is best-geared to fill the huge gap between the demand and supply for trained professionals, in the field of Medical and Clinical Research. It aims to do so by partnering with its Franchisees through a chain of authorized training centers in India.

What makes ACRI stand out from its competitors

Following are some of our unique strengths that distinguish us from the other research institutes :

  • We have grown to become the Market leaders in the field of Clinical Research
  • Our courses are designed to be Comprehensive and to be totally Integrated with the needs of the Industry
  • Our curriculum is validated by the experts in the Industry
  • We guarantee internship to our students with leading CRO
  • Our classrooms are designed to impart high-quality education using the latest technology.
  • We have a rich pool of experienced faculty, consultants and Industry speakers, to motivate and guide our students to success.
  • We offer our students excellent Placement support.

Benefits of becoming an ACRI Franchisee

By choosing to become an ACRI Franchisee, you can enter a whole world of business opportunities associated with the lucrative, profitable and rapidly growing field of Clinical Research. Following are just a few of the benefits that ACRI accords to its Franchisees:

  • Since ACRI is one of the most trusted and respected brands in the market, therefore as an ACRI Franchisee, you can jumpstart your business making use of our credibility and brand-value.
  • As our Franchisee, you will have access to the latest and most innovative courses designed by ACRI, that are highly sought-after by students of Clinical Research.
  • With ACRI's reputation, you can expect a steady and growing influx of students who would like to be associated with our institute.
  • You can partake in the financial gains that an upbeat industry like Clinical Research offers, due to its bright prospects and lucrative future.
  • Since Clinical Research is mainly a service-driven industry, thus with minimal operational and infrastructural cost, you can expect quite high Returns on Investment (ROI) and Returns on Asset.
  • ACRI guides its Franchisees right from the stage of planning the project, through its launch and thereafter, to ensure complete success of the project.
  • Besides, to build a long-term and symbiotic relationship with its Franchisees, ACRI goes a step further, by helping them promote and market their businesses through the various means at its disposal.
  • Franchisees of ACRI can also access its wide network of liasions with various sectors of the Industry and make use of ACRI's excellent customer relations, to put their business on the fast-track to growth.In case you are interested in becoming an ACRI Franchisee, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would be looking forward to working with you!!Besides, if you would like a more detailed and realistic assessment of this business opportunity, we would be only too glad to help. All we need you to do is to fill out the form given below, as accurately and completely as possible. Rest assured that ACRI will keep your information strictly confidential, while reserving the right to verify it, when necessary.

Become a Franchise

In order for us to provide a more realistic and accurate assessment of this business opportunity, we would require you to furnish us with some pertinent information as indicated below.


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