Online Clinical Data Management course

Online clinical Data Management course Course Description: It is an online post graduate Diploma course. It includes 3 …


    Online clinical Data Management course

    Course Description: It is an online post graduate Diploma course. It includes 3 months online sessions.

    Learning Objectives

    At the conclusion of this training program participants should be able to: This course is designed to provide trainees with a working knowledge of the management of clinical data used in clinical trials and other projects, leading to an academic and professional qualification for Clinical Data Management (CDM). The course is suitable for health information managers, data managers and other health professionals working with, or planning to work with, clinical data and other health databases. The program provides those attending a stimulating and enjoyable opportunity to develop both as individuals and as professionals, increasing their efficiency, effectiveness, capacity and competence, and building on the skills and knowledge gained from valuable work experience.


    Applicants are recommended to have one of the following Life Science degree: BSc / B.A.M.S / B.H.M.S / B.Tech (Biotechnology) / Pharmaceutical Science) / M.Sc. / M.Pharmacy

    Benefits of PG Diploma in Clinical Data Management

    • Every Saturday you can have a Skype chat for 1hour
    • Each student will be assigned a mentor
    • Online practical training on CDM software
    • Practical’s on CRF Design
    • Practical’s on Edit check specification
    • Practical’s on Query Writing
    • Internship would be provided in a Clinical research organization, with the payment of extra fee

    Teaching Mode

    • Electronic copies will be shared to students
    • Lecture slides in PowerPoint format, as used for on-campus classes, made available for Online sessions
    • Additional notes arising from on-campus lectures and tutorials will be shared via mail


    • There will be quiz and assignment related to each module.
    • After completion of all the modules there will be final assessment.

    Additional Features of the course

    • E books and SOP’S will be shared via mail to the candidates
    • Recent updates of clinical research will be provided to the students via mail

    System Requirement for Students

    • The broad band connection (512kbps and above)
    • Head Set
    • Link will be sent to the students email id, they have to click on the link and get connected

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