Clinical research associate job profile

clinical research associate

Clinical research associate job profile:

A clinical research associate (CRA), also called a clinical monitor or trial monitor, is a health-care professional who performs many activities related to medical research, particularly clinical trials. Clinical research associates work in various settings, such as pharmaceutical companies, medical research institutes and government agencies. The main function of a clinical research associate is to monitor clinical trials. The CRA may work directly with the sponsor company of a clinical trial, as an independent freelancer or for a contract research organization (CRO). Clinical research associates also “assure the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of human study subjects. Additionally, a CRA must “make certain that the scientific integrity of the data collected is protected and verified” and “assure that adverse events are correctly documented and reported. They should be good problem-solvers with a solid understanding of scientific data collection and management methods. Multiple language skills may give an applicant an advantage with certain employers, ensuring that trials stay on track with clinical objectives and comply with federal regulations, they may analyse data, create reports, make presentations, monitor individual cases of testing participants, explain procedures to participants and family members and use reference material to conduct additional research. Clinical research associates are employed by pharmaceutical companies, scientific research organizations, academic institutions and government agencies throughout the United States. In recent years, clinical research associates or CRA’s for short have gained quite a lot of attention. It has been acknowledged as one of the top job positions.

May 20, 2017

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