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  • ACRI is equipped with Air-conditioned lecture and Seminar halls.
  • The infrastructure provides a perfect environment for conducive & effective learning and academic success.
  • Our classrooms redefine the way the students interact with the faculty members and vice-versa, establishing a productive two-way communication,based on mutual respect.


  • To simplify learning for our students and to make a world of information easily accessible to them, ACRI hosts an excellent library with huge repository of books & titles on various aspects of Clinical Research, Clinical Pharmacology, Biostatistics, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Personality Development, Management, and computer Applications. These include foreign as well as Indian editions, covering all applied and functional areas of the subjects.
  • ACRI also subscribes to a number of journals, newspapers and magazines for the use of students and the staff. The students can choose to either borrow books or access the Reference section which houses several books and journals with their previous volumes.
  • In addition,students also have access to the digital library to further enhance their knowledge.

Wi-fi Enabled Campus

  • An important part of our infrastructure is our State-of-the Art facilities in the field of Information Technology.
  • Our whole campus is wi-fi enabled, thanks to our high speed servers with round-the-clock internet connectivity. Besides, students are provided free laptops to facilitate their access to information whenever they need to.
  • The software library is periodically updated with the latest releases and versions of Microsoft.

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